How to stylize your photos in Photoshop with color overlays


How to stylize your photos in Photoshop with color overlays

Bring individual touch to your digital art with this Photoshop skills. Make your work stand out.

Take your professional or personal photography skill to the next level with this creative techniques.
Add color overlays to your photos in Photoshop and create unique, personalized look, that will stand you out of the crowd.

The structure of this course is based on several years of experience in teaching online students. For only a one-time fee you can get a Lifetime access to this growing course and its digital assets.
Learn new skills in Photoshop, by understanding principles of complementary colors and how they interact together to bring an emotional response from the viewer.

I recommend you follow the designated order of the sections and tutorials but don’t feel locked into it. Please just be sure to view the “Introduction” before you proceed to the course

This course included hands-on projects in end of the course, be sure to do them. It would help you secure knowledge with practice. Don’t feel locked to provided images, you can always use your own.

This course helps you with existing projects and it also helps you to get new clients with your growing photoshop skills.

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Title: Lynda – Learn Photoshop Portrait Retouching Info: Want to improve your portraits, but can’t afford to spend hours obsessing over distractions and discoloration? In this course, Chris Orwig shares techniques that can help you use Photoshop to bring out the best in your portrait subjects in a pinch. He explains how to remove distractions from the background of an image, as well as unwanted logos, jewelry, and even lint. He also shows how to shape and sculpt your portrait subjects, improve skin, eyes, teeth, and hair, and use multiple frames. To wrap up, he offers bonus tips for retouching black-and-white portraits and applying creative effects, plus a few advanced challenges for testing your ability to clean up a background and improve skin.

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